5 Most Recommended Website Builder With The Best Features

5 Most Recommended Website Builder With The Best Features – Planning to build a website, but didn’t know about coding ? well, with website builder you can easily build a website without being an expert in coding.

Among a lot of website builder to choose, which is the best and most suitable for you?

Let’s check out the most recommended website builder you can try as well as the comparison for each other.

But, before we go to the main topic let’s learn more about website builder first.

What is Website Builder?

Website builder is a platform to help you build a website with an easy and simple step, most of them also have a hosting feature to instantly publish your website.

Three easy step to use website builder :

  • Choosing a website template
  • Edit the template (usually with easy drag-and-drop element)
  • Publish

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You can use website builder online which is requires internet connection, or you can also use it offline which is requires software installation. However, if you want to publish your website instantly, using website builder online is a good choice.

Things You Need to Consider When Choosing Website Builder

1. Ease of Use

The main idea of using a website builder is to build a website as easy as possible. If you still have to spend a lot of time learning how to use it, then the website builder is not user-friendly.

Make sure the website builder has drag-and-drop element or website editor feature which is easy and simple to use. Also pay attention to the user-interface, do not choose a website builders that look confusing or difficult for you to use.

2. Easy to Publish

Make sure the website builder offers web hosting and domain services, so the website can be published immediately.

If you already have a hosting and domain name, then check if it can connect the website with the hosting and domain you already have on another platform.

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3. Website Templates

Website templates can help you build any kind of website, like a personal blog or business website or even e-commerce website. Each of them has their very own template design, and you can edit the design with your own style.

Choose a website builder that have a complete collection of website templates, but also pay attention to the quality of the template too.

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4. Best Features

Every website builder have their own respective features, like additional tools which can make it much easier to build a website.

Whatever features they have, make sure to only choose the one with a feature you really need and suitable for you website type.

5. 24/7 Customer Support

This one is important, in case you have a problem during a process building your website, thus you need to contact the customer support who stay online 24/7 to find the solution.

In addition, look for the one who have a friendly and reliable customer support team.

6. Affordable Price

The case for price is pretty relative, it’s depend on what kind of website you are trying to build. if you are a beginner, you probably want to find a website builder with a cheapest price or maybe even a free one.

On the other hand, if you want to build a website for business you probably need a website builder with a complete  features

Whatever your kind of website is, make sure the price offered is accordance with the budget you specify.

Most Recommended Website Builder With The Best Features

With the insight of things you need to pay attention before choosing a website builder,  now you probably can judge which website builder is suitable to build your website.

Here is the list of recommended website builder with the best features that might meet your expectation :

1. Wix

Wix is a website builder platform which is very user-friendly, especially for beginner.

Wix offers various interesting features, like a drag-and-drop element, more than 500+ website templates, and you can use them for free.

However, the free service has limitation such as you should use .wixsite within your website address. In addition, there will be wix ads on your website.

To get rid of the limitation, you can subscribe to their paid plan. With the paid plan, you can increase the storage capacity as well as additional features like Site Booster and Visitor Analytics.

They also provide a support center page to answer various problems related to website building.

Wix Best Features

  • Wix Editor, This feature can help you styling your website, with a variety of attractive design tools such as unlimited fonts, scroll effects, and media galleries.
  • Wix ADI, You can build a website automatically. This feature will ask you some questions, then create a website based on the answers you provide.
  • Free hosting, You can enjoy web hosting service for free.
  • E-Commerce, Wix provide various e-commerce features to build online store website, with addition of Wix booking to help with the booking process.


Mostly Free, However you can always upgrade to their paid plan around $4.50/month (Connect Domain Plan) and around $24.50/month (VIP Plan).

2. Squarespace

Squarespace provide various templates to choose from blogging to e-commerce they have it all. On top of that, they also offers unlimited storage, SSL security, free custom domain name, and 24/7 customer support.

Squarespace gave out 14 days free trial for using their features, after that you need to upgrade to their paid plan. However, if you unsatisfied within the 14 days free trial you can request to extend 7 days more for the free trial.

Squarespace Best Features

  • Blog Tools, which is very convenient to use for blog posting, tidying up your content, as well as schedule publishing
  • Analytics, in the form of chart and list, you can monitor your site data and visitor.
  • Mobile Application, with their mobile application you can manage you website anytime anywhere from mobile devices.


14 days free trial and 7 days extension, for the paid plan they offer annually charges with around $12/month (personal plan) and around $40/month (advanced plan).

3. WordPress

Basically, WordPress is not a website builder but it has various website builder plugins to use like Elementor or Beaver Builder. With WordPress you can very easily build a website which make it the most popular platform.

However, to use WordPress you must have a domain hosting provider first and most of hosting providers are usually including WordPress installation in their services.

i’ve included WordPress as a website builder because it’s a pretty good alternative for beginner with simplicity of flexibility, and customization this platform is really satisfying.

WordPress Best Features

  • Lots of Themes, have a lots of free themes, and even lots more premium themes to use.

  • Social Sharing, you can easily share your content to social media platform.

  • Mobile Application, With mobile application you can use WordPress anytime anywhere from mobile devices


FREE, but you still need to spend money for domain hosting, and optionally to purchase the premium themes and plugins.

4. Weebly

Another popular website builder is Weebly. Almost similar to Wix, Weebly offering a free plan to help you immediately build a website with their powerful editor.

Weebly editor allow you to edit various elements from photo to video background as well as custom header. On top of that, Weebly also providing a free hosting for you to immediately publish your website.

Weebly Best Features

  • Weebly Editor, with lots of features you can easily adding elements throughout your content.
  • E-commerce, this e-commerce feature allow you to build an e-commerce website easily with shopping cart, checkout page, and even inventory tracking.
  • Responsive Templates Design, all of their templates free or premium are already optimized for mobile devices.


FREE, however you can always upgrade to their paid plan for around $5/month (Connect Plan) and around $25/month (Business Plan).

5. Shopify

Shopify is the best website builder to build E-Commerce Website. You can find almost all the features needed to build E-commerce website, such as branding, marketing, payments, and delivery tools.

You can also utilize their free tools for business name generator, or logo maker.

Shopify offers free trials for 14 days, however to continue using their services you need to upgrade to their paid plan.

Shopify Best Features

  • E-commerce Features, have the most complete features for e-commerce website with their Shopify (POS).
  • Free Branding Tools, you can freely use the business name generator and logo maker for branding.


Free Trial for 14 days, after that you need to upgrade to their paid plan. Charges annually with around $29/month (Basic Shopify) and around $299/month (Advanced Shopify).

Website Builder With The Best Features Comparison

Let’s check out the summary and comparison from each of the most recommended website builder with the best features platform :




Customer Support



Wix Editor

Free Plan




Blog Tools
Mobile App

Free Trial
Paid Plan


Paid Plan


Lots of Themes
Social Sharing
Mobile App

Free Plan

email and forum support (free).
Live chat (paid)



Weebly Editor
E-commerce Feature
Responsive Template Design

Free Plan

Chat, Forum,
and Email



E-Commerce Feature
Free Branding Tools

Free Trial
Paid Plan

customer support
and forum

Paid Plan

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