What is Website ?

Website is a multiple webpages that created and put in a single domain which is accessible by public. Websites are hosted on servers, and can only be accessed with a web browser.

A single website and the webpages created with HyperText Markup Language (HTML) which is written in code as a command to define how the page will looks like.

However, with the evolution of technology we can build a single website effortlessly with web builder and Content Management System (CMS)

History of Website

The first website was published in 1990 by Tim Barners-Lee a physicist from CERN Project in Geneva. In 1993, World Wide Web was announced and can be accessed over the world.

No rules dictating how the website should look like, even the first one was made with only text and a few pictures.

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From time to time, a lot of websites have been published with every kind of variation and purpose. The purpose of building one can be vary, like a Portfolio, E-commerce, News, Forum, Social Media, etc.

Website Structure

A website use URL form to be accessed with web browser, simply write the URL directly or using search engine to find it.

It consist a homepage which is the main page of the site, and the homepage connecting all of the webpages within the site in a form of hyperlink which can be use to navigate throughout all the webpages.

Another section from a website is footer which is places at the bottom of webpages. The footer contain some information about the site itself including a link to external and other resources.

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Creating a Website

Before start building a site it is better to understand HTML code, writing and editing HTML code can be done with any text editor and if you understand HTML code, you can customize to add some HTML content and elements into the site.

Beside HTML code, you can also add CSS and JavaScript code for styling the layout to make it looks better and interesting.

However, not many people understand HTML code or how to write it. so, with that issue in mind many providers like WordPress and Wix develop a platform called Content Management System (CMS). Using CMS you can easily build any website with drag and drop feature which even a beginner can use.

Website Types

There are a lot of types with various purpose :

  • Blogs

A blog sometimes use by individual to writes some articles and issues from their own prospective.

  • Forums

A forum is a discussion board for the forum’s member to discuss their hobby and interest.

  • News

This is like a digital forms of newspaper and magazine.

  • E-commerce

Designed specially for shopping, E-commerce website allows buyer and seller to do their transaction online instead of visiting the physical store.

  • Social media

Like Facebook or Instagram, which gives their users the opportunity to interact with each other and meet new people online.

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Before building a website, It is important to decide first what type of website are you planning to build and for what purpose. When using a CMS there are a lot of kind of layouts and templates to choose depend on what type are you trying to build.

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