Altcoins as an Alternative Crypto Investments

Altcoins as an Alternative Crypto Investments – As the first crypto asset, Bitcoin still occupy the top ranked cryptocurrency asset and the largest market capitalization.

While Bitcoin is a pioneer in crypto assets it’s often called as the main cryptocurrency, Altcoins is the term for other crypto assets other than Bitcoin.

Let’s find out more about this Altcoins, the definition, types, and some examples.

Altcoins Definition

Altcoin is a term to refers all cryptocurrencies except Bitcoin, altcoin stands from the word Alternative and Coin.

Different from Bitcoin which has it’s own value, Altcoins are the crypto assets with projects which also have their own values, roles, and functions.

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For example, the mostly known altcoin until now is Ethereum (ETH). As an alternative crypto assets with the largest market cap besides Bitcoin. Ethereum started in 2015, have their own smart contract, and became the founder of Decentralize Finance (DeFi) which also gave birth to other thousands Altcoins in the world.

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