Web and Internet World

If we talk about digital technology, a word “Web” or “Net” is the first thing that should be remembered.  Since it was the first or we can say it was the founder of our internet and digital world, without the web there won’t be internet or a place to store data online.

The Web a.k.a World Wide Web (WWW) is a part of the Internet consisting pages. so, to put it simply when the web is consisting a page it’s called webpage and when multiple webpages is put in one place it’s called website which can be accessed via web browser.

Here is a little description about website and their friends, check out the page to find out more


Website is interlinked multiple webpages that created and put in a single domain name which is accessible by public. Websites are hosted on servers, and can only accessed with a web browser.

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Websites were originally categorized by top-level domains, like example below :

  • Government = gov

  • NPO (Non-Profit Organization) = org

  • Commercial = com

  • Information = info

Website hosting

Every website you’ve ever visited is hosted on a server, so to build a website the first thing you need is a web hosting server. web hosting server makes data that comprise a website available to be visit online.

There are a lot of web hosting provider you can choose, the main types of hosting are shared, dedicated, and VPS. However, each hosting provider offering different kind of technology used for the server, level of their management and their additional services.

Make sure you pick the right and suitable hosting provider and their offers for your website.

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Website builder

So, you already choose your hosting provider for your website.

Now, to start building your website if you an expert and familiar with HTML code you can build your website with HTML text editor.

But, there are also tons of website builder platform you can use to easily build your website.

A website builder is a platform that allows you to easily establishing a website. website builders typically use a drag and drop feature which let you customize elements on a page with layouts and templates.

Website builder is an easy to use for beginner.