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Easy Step How To Perfectly Design a Website

Easy Step How To Perfectly Design a Website – Designing a website is not an easy task, there are a lot of stuffs you need to consider before actually start working on design.

Sometimes when the design is not as expected, the web development also need to start from scratch. Therefore, preparation for designing a website is absolutely important.

So, what are the preparation to design a website perfectly? let’s start with the first step :


1. Deciding the Purpose

A design need to be accordance with it’s purpose, different types of website require different approach for it’s design, thus the first thing you need to do is determine the purpose of the website.

For Example, design for E-commerce website need to focus on showing the product perfectly and attractive to the customer.  Also must be able to explain the purchasing process as simple and easy to understand.

One design can also be influenced by the target criteria, like customer age and gender will specify which design element to be perfectly use.

2. Choosing a Platform

A platform can impact your website for a long term either in website design or website development, so you need carefully choose the right platform for your website.

To build a website you can use markup coding (HTML,CSS,JS), or with the help of website builder. For a beginner, website builder is the best choice.

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3. Research for Trending Website Design

Researching for a trending design can be very important, an outdated design will look less attractive for the customer.

For example, the trending design at this moment is more likely a flat design which is simple and not too crowded with many elements.

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However, you not need to follow the exact trending design, at least understand the types and what it looks like.  Then, use that information to create your own design pattern which is suitable with your website purpose and the customer.

4. Research Competitor Website Design

Make your website look more appealing and in order to do that, do a research for your website competitor. Learn more about their approach and various elements they are using to attract more customer.

For example to build a website for travel and accommodation business, convenience is the key. So, do a research from another travel and accommodation website, you can learn of their color pattern and what color they are using with most comfortable feel. Because each color contain different psychological aspect.

Working on Website Design

1. Layout Design

Layout is drafting and organize website elements to make it become more appealing and interesting to view. Three main elements which needs to organize is Header, Body, and Footer.

Organizing layout is the most important thing to do before continue with other design process. Drafting and organizing layout can be done with wireframe, mockup, or prototype. You can utilize online tools for this process, especially wireframe which is the simplest one.

2. Visual Appearance

A design can be serves as a message, with a good visual appearance can be done with manipulate the design so it can highlight specific element and give visitor the most important information they are looking for.

A good visual appearance can help every visitor find your website information and purpose in a short time.

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3. Navigation

Every visitor who come to your website have different piece of mind, for example a visitor come to your website through frontpage and directly looking for your products/service prices, or a visitor who come to find out about the features, or even a visitor who looking for your company profile.

Therefore, navigation between pages must be organize to be simple and easy to understand because every visitor have different purpose and experience when they are visiting your website. If they cannot find what they are looking for, they will surely leave immediately.

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4. Grid Arrangement

Grid arrangement is important to make your website become mobile friendly, it’s role is to organize your website structure.

Even though it’s invisible, grid arrangement can be really helpful for website design process. For example, it can make stability between website elements and it cane also help your website being able to adapt to various screen size.

5. Color Selection

After drafting a layout, the next step is to choose the right color for your website.

As mentioned before, color can become an important role in design. The color you are using for your website design will reflect your website environment as well as the purpose. For example, blue color have a calming feel so that travel and accommodation business are generally using this color for their website.

Not only that, color also can determine your target visitor. If you use pink color, then most of your visitor will probably a woman. And if you want to appeal for baby or child products, it’s recommended to use a gentle color like pastel colors.

6. Typography

Typography is one of layout art and font selection. In website design, typography have a role to harmonize with your layout draft. As a result, overall of your website appearance will become more attractive.

With the right typography, visitor can easily obtain your website’s information. The things you need to do to make the right typography is choosing a font that are easy to read with proportional size and appropriate spacing between letters.

Use different types of font each for Heading, Body, and other elements. Every elements requires different font regarding the information you want to deliver.

Not only that, typography is also needed for branding and an effort to build your website identity.

7. Images Selection

Besides color, images selection is also the thing you need to consider. Make sure to choose the best images which is representative with your website’s purpose, harmonize with the other elements do not let the image or part of the images covered by title.

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Do not use a very small resolution images, if you want the best image resolution with a small size you can try using SVG file or you can use a tools like Tiny JPG.

One important note, do not use a copyrighted images without permission.


1. Prototyping

Prototype is a real example of your website design. Different from wireframing which only generate a simple draft, prototyping is more interactive it’s mean all of the website assets are displayed in detail start from images or videos, and animation as well as the website structure.

Basically, when you already done with prototyping your website design work can be said almost complete. However, before actually publishing the website you probably need some revision and improvement.

2. Run a Test

Running a test is important to ensure all the functions are running smoothly. Do not miss any page or elements during the test run.

If found any error or bug you can immediately fix them, and also take a note of the website performance.

although the website design is kind of appealing, if the performance and loading speed too slow will have a bad impact in the future. Since google already determine that website loading speed is one factor that will affects your website ranking in google search.

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3. Publishing the Website

With all the steps above how to perfectly design a website already done and according to the plan, you are ready to publish the website.

You can’t expect to design a website with exactly 100% perfect. However, with the right step if any problems occur you can handle them immediately.

To publish a website you can look for web hosting which is suitable for your website types. Check out the most recommended web hosting providers to publish your website.