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Web Hosting Service Provider Recommendation for Your Website

FREE Web Hosting Service Provider Recommendation for Your Website – Every website you’ve ever visited is hosted on a server, so to build a website the first thing you need is a web hosting server. web hosting server makes data that comprise a website available to be visit online.

Providing a free web hosting services is a strategy to attract people using their services. Anyone will be interested with the word “FREE” and would take advantage out of it. After their website developed they will be offer to upgrade to the paid hosting plan.

One that should be considered, whenever any service is free most of them must have some flaws. if you are seriously need to make a website in purpose of business then free hosting is not a good option. however, if it means to make an experiment site, then free web hosting could be the best choice.

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What are the Different Between Free and Paid Web Hosting?

The first and most expected is their cost. However, like i’ve said before a free hosting service have some flaws.

Free hosting only allows you to host a website with limited number of disk area and bandwidth, although some of them write it for unlimited. The purpose of limitation is for any user could have fair shares in their service.

Free hosting service is a good option to learn. It can used to do an experiments, code or create websites without investment.

Paid hosting services mostly has more features, has additional specs, and a lot of data as well as more bandwidth limitation.

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