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Web Hosting Service Provider Recommendation for Your Website

FREE Web Hosting Service Provider Recommendation for Your Website – Every website you’ve ever visited is hosted on a server, so to build a website the first thing you need is a web hosting server. web hosting server makes data that comprise a website available to be visit online.

Providing a free web hosting services is a strategy to attract people using their services. Anyone will be interested with the word “FREE” and would take advantage out of it. After their website developed they will be offer to upgrade to the paid hosting plan.

One that should be considered, whenever any service is free most of them must have some flaws. if you are seriously need to make a website in purpose of business then free hosting is not a good option. however, if it means to make an experiment site, then free web hosting could be the best choice.


What are the Different Between Free and Paid Web Hosting?

The first and most expected is their cost. However, like i’ve said before a free hosting service have some flaws.

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Free hosting only allows you to host a website with limited number of disk area and bandwidth, although some of them write it for unlimited. The purpose of limitation is for any user could have fair shares in their service.

Free hosting service is a good option to learn. It can used to do an experiments, code or create websites without investment.

Paid hosting services mostly has more features, has additional specs, and a lot of data as well as more bandwidth limitation.

The Most Recommended FREE Web Hosting Service Provider

000webhost is one of the best free web hosting service provider, they have many experience and probably the oldest hosting service we have here.

All account in 000webhost is activated instantly, you can start creating site project after finished registration! Whether it’s created with WordPress, or a regular HTML website, all can be done for free. Building a website requires patience and time, but at 000webhost is easy and instant.

Dreamnix is a subsidiary of BusinessICS International Ltd. Since 1999, BusinessICS has worked in three other World Class Data Centers (Los Angeles, Amsterdam, HongKong) which have very strict requirements.

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Dreamnix provides free web hosting service that are simple and flexible to meet the interests of every website.

DomainRacer is a web hositng provider with low cost almost like free. This service can provide a high-speed hosting websites as well as unlimited resources. DomainRacer has specs, no one like them in terms of service and cost.

Gain the highest award in offering the cheapest web hosting service in US, DomainRacer already engages more than 2 million websites globally.

DomainRacer offers unlimited bandwidth and storage space, free SSL certification for website protection. All their web hosting packages provided with the most cheapest price along with multiple server locations and cache technology with faster speed.

DomainRacer always providing your site protection, they included seven security approaches (ImunifyAV + and Imunify360), ModSecurity, PYXSoft, secure website programs with DDoS Protection, E mail Spamming Protection, Magic Spamming Protection , and also Firewalls.

Customer services from DomainRacer is fast, constantly ready to answer to your questions. They prepare many choice assistance (live chat, call, ticket, e-mail, and whatsapp).

FreeHosting.io offers an unlimited number of specifications for your efforts. They are support PHP, MySQL, as well as many other hosting technologies such as SSD, Unlimited E-mail and security.

Infinityfree is free web hosting service provider that offers disk space and unlimited bandwidth. In addition, you wouldn’t have ads on them also allow you to bring your domain name or create free subdomain names from over 25 free domain extensions.

FreeHosting.com is another free web hosting service provider which is reliable, providing web hosting service since 2010. They work in two different data centers which are intended to serve free and paid hosting accounts differently without obstructing each other.

Freehostia is free web hosting service provider that provides a great value. In addition offering a free hosting service, they also providing top hosting services, such as dedicated servers.

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Thus are recommendation of the best and free web hosting service for your site. However, the word “FREE” is always have some of drawbacks compared to paid hosting.

I warned it again this free hosting is not recommended for business websites or used for serious blogging, but free hosting is very recommended if it’s for create site profile, learning or evaluation.

Hopefully this article is useful and good luck 🙂